??Mosaic Wall Panel

??Mosaic Wall Panel

Post by Stephanie Brama » Tue, 21 May 1996 04:00:00


I have a few questions for you.

>My favorite thing to do is mosaic work.  I am currently working on a 4' >by 8' stained glass mosaic wall panel.  That'll teach peop=

le to stop >when they run out of window space!  I'm also working on the 16" Peony >Tiffany lamp.  402 pieces.  I've never been one t=
o mess with little >things.

Wyhat a *huge* piece!  Do you plan on mounting (gluing)the design
directly to an existing wall or are you mounting it to a board which will
be framed and then hung?  4' x 8' is the largest I have heard about to
date.  Recently I received pictures from a woman who created a panel
which was 50" tall by 26" wide, a beautiful sunflower landscape.  She
glued her panel to a board which she then later framed for***.



??Mosaic Wall Panel

Post by StndGlas » Tue, 21 May 1996 04:00:00

I've made a couple small versions so far.  My plan is to laminate the
pieces to a piece of plate glass and grout the lines in.  Then I will
frame it, add support as necessary, and hang!

Meredith Stained Glass


??Mosaic Wall Panel

Post by ~Anthon » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

What do you use to laminate the mosaic to the plate glass? I'm designing
a tabletop with a light under, and was planning on using the same
technique. My daughter and I made a small panel as an experiment and
used plain old Duco Cement, which seemed to work fine, but one wonders
if it's the best choice? Also, we used regular tile grout which we
colored. Again, best choice? Thanks for your help.


??Mosaic Wall Panel

Post by StndGlas » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

To laminate the glass to glass I use a product we carry called "Real Glass
Laminating Glue".  It doesn't dry 100% clear (a little foggy), but since
I'm putting this on a wall and not over a light, it's fine.  The only
purpose for the glue is to hold the pieces in place while I grout.  For
the grout, I'm using another product we carry called "Real Glass Mosaic
Grout".  There are cheaper avenues (regular mortar works) but I like the
color selection it offers me.

As far as putting your mosaic over a light, you are going to need to make
very sure that your pieces are laminated tight to the base glass.
Otherwise, your grout will seep underneath the pieces a little and look
horrible when you put it by the light.  I haven't had much problem with
that with the laminating glue I use, but like I said, I'm putting this on
a wall, over a couch, so it doesn't matter!

Good luck on your project!