FAQ/Mailing Lists for Stained Glass?

FAQ/Mailing Lists for Stained Glass?

Post by Geri Fossee » Fri, 03 Nov 1995 04:00:00


> I have recently started in stained glass, and was wondering if
there is
> a FAQ available, or else a mailing list that I can subscribe

> Thanks in advance,

> Scott

Hi there!  I noticed you're calling through INS too, so I
thought a fellow Iowan might be able to help.  Don't know where
in Iowa you are, but there is a really good glass store in Des
Moines, at 6th and Grand called Superior Art Glass.  If I
remember properly, they have classes available.  They are also
very helpful, if you go in and ask, they'll be glad to guide
you.  The other glass store that I'm aware of is in Stratford,
called Gustafson Glass.  They also have classes, and are very
helpful, but their prices are a little higher.  Some of the
catalogs I have have videotapes in them that are instructional
-- if you'd like the names of the catalogs, let me know.

I live about an hour north of Des Moines, and we have something
called Iowa Valley Continuing Education out here that sometimes
has classes.  If you live out this way, let me know -- it's my
mother-in-law that teaches the classes and if she knows there's
enough interest, she'd do it again.  

Hope this helps!
Take Care,