FS: NY/NJ: Polymer Coating

FS: NY/NJ: Polymer Coating

Post by Stephen Ka » Sat, 10 Aug 1996 04:00:00

We are no longer pursuing the craft business, and have 27 gallon
kits of Envirotex Lite Polymer coating.  (A gallon kit is 2 half
gallon bottles of part A and B).  If you are not familiar with it,
this is the 2 part thick coating used to lacquer redwood coffee
tables, bar tops, placques, etc.  It is also used by many crafters
to coat paper jewelry (which is what we did).  This is the same
gallon kit which sells for $22 - $30 at craft supply stores like

Original price (wholesale, direct from manufacture, 40 gallon
minimum): $13.56 per gallon kit (2 half gallon parts A and B)

Sell: $10 per gallon kit (individually)
All 27 gallon kits: $250

Shipping additional; items can be seen/picked up in Westfield, NJ.

For more info, call Stephen:
tel. (908) 233-2026
fax. (908) 654-1180

Stephen Kay - composer/musician/programmer