Help! Scandinavian glass

Help! Scandinavian glass

Post by Cynthia Morga » Wed, 12 Aug 1998 04:00:00

This spring I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Scandinavia. Even
better, I got to do it on someone else's credit card since I went there on
business. ;-)

Unfortunately, there was absolutely no free time in the schedule, so I swept
through Oslo, Helsinki, Rovaniemi,Stockholm, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and other
cities without so much as laying a finger on a piece of glass! I'm very much
into glassblowing, fused/slumped glass and enameling, and I'd hoped to see
some of it there. The trip was most worthwhile from a professional
standpoint, but the closest I got to art glass was walking past a gallery in
Stockholm while hurrying to my next meeting. I was really bummed. }-(

I've decided to save my pennies and go back next year, this time for nothing
BUT glass and on my own credit card (which means I've got kind of limited
means). Can anyone out there help me with suggestions as to the best places
to go? Are factory/artisan tours available? Is there a possibility of taking
hot glass classes while I'm there? Are there any festivals/exhibits that I
could time my visit around?

Thanks for any help you can give.