Wanted - FAQ Articles

Wanted - FAQ Articles

Post by STACK.. » Wed, 02 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hey everybody!

  I'd say we have a really good start on the FAQ.  Most of the categories
are covered.

(((and I constantly tinker with the HTML to make it a little
less drab - yet still universally accessible and readable by all
browsers capable of the HTML 3.2 standard.  That means no special Netscape
extensions, and no special Explorer extensions.  If you have a 3.2
browser, these pages will be formatted in a more-or-less sensible way.
If you still have a 2.0 compliant browser, some of the tags might get
skipped over, but you still ought to be able to at least read the text,
get the INFO, d/l the graphics, and follow the links.  <ALT> tags are
inserted, so even if you're using a text-only browser, or a voice reader
it will all make sense.  Information, after all, is what these pages are
about, and my main goal in coding them the way I do is to make sure
that everybody who wants to see them, can.
  More and more pages on the web these days are catering to the Windows
platform browsers and leaving everyone else in the dust.  That won't
happen with the FAQ pages.)))

   ::off soapbox::

  Just because a topic is already covered, don't think that means you're
locked out from contributing.  We all have our own ways of doing things,
our own set of artistic priorities, and our own experiences of what works
best for us.

  Naturally, I'd like to see the empty topics covered first, but I think
if we have 2 or 3 articles for each topic, it can only enhance the overall
value and usefulness of the FAQ.

  If you have an article you'd like to put in the FAQ, even if it's
already covered, (but hopefully from a different perspective than the

text version updated, and you can either CC: me a copy, or Paul will
forward it.

  So, if you read one of the FAQ's, and shook your head, or thought
there was a bunch missing, hey, get on that keyboard and write an
opposing or augmenting article!

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