Info needed for Faq X :WEB Sites

Info needed for Faq X :WEB Sites

Post by susie.. » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hello Friends,

Is it really necessary to copy every letter in its entirety in order to respond to it?  And/or to place your response at the end so we all must scroll down to the end to read what you have to say?  Other newsgroups and listservers I belong to try to encourage people to only copy what is absolutely necessary and if you really must copy the entire letter, at least put your response at the TOP of the page and let the repeated letter follow for those who didn't bother to read it the first time.  That way, those who do actually read all these messages don't have to play hide-n-go-seek to find the new material among the old.  I love to hear what you all have to say - please, take the extra minute to make it easier on the readers!  Thanks.  :-)  


Info needed for Faq X :WEB Sites

Post by M. Sava » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00


> Hello Friends,

i personnally never believed in that, and therefore started wars because
of that. i set my browser to automatically qoute, it does it at the
bottom and i'd have to remember to stick it at the top every time, and
that's a real bother. plus, some people will weed everything out, and
after a while you don't even know what their talking about anymore. and
of course it get's confusing where people put the text in each box, some
people make it real anoying and reply to each pargraph inside the
paragraph itself. i just find it easier to simply type what i have to
say at the bottom, and let who ever, take the 2 seconds it takes to
scroll down and read what i have to say. i really don't want to have to
waste my own time t*** something down. though the only time i'll do
it is; when i have to respond to the beginning of the statement, or to
remove a really long tagline.

---Mike Savad

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Info needed for Faq X :WEB Sites

Post by STACK.. » Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:00:00

   >Hello Friends,
   >Is it really necessary to copy every letter in its entirety in order
   >to respond to it?  And/or to place your response at the end

  Usenet is very fickle.  I can post a message and never see it back
again on my server.  This isn't all that uncommon, so people get in
the habit of quoting the pertinent parts of the previous discourse
so that those who missed the first part (or question) will know what
the reply is to.
  Netiqutte says we should edit, so only the pertinent parts are
repeated, but people sometimes get lazy and quote the entire message.

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