Artists & Craftspeople Wanted

Artists & Craftspeople Wanted

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On September 15, Blue House Creative, a Chicago Web developer, will launch
a Web site called Internet
Art Fair, featuring the works of artists and craftspeople from around the
U.S. and possibly the world. We are now seeking to expand our pool of
artists who are interested in selling their work via the Internet.

How does it work? Each artist will have a "booth" or page on the Web site
that includes a biography and samples of his or her work. The front page
will have thumbnail pictures that interested visitors can click to expand.

What does it cost? Every artist is charged $100 upfront to have his or her
page established. This is a ONE TIME ONLY fee, not an annual fee. It is
simply to cover part of our costs in developing the page. From there,
pricing can work in one of two ways:

1) No monthly fee. Artists only pay if their work is sold via the Web site,
in which case Blue House would charge a 13 percent commission. A page is
limited to ten samples. Additional samples are charged at a rate of $2 a

2) Artists pay a monthly fee equal to $2 per work exhibited on the site. If
you have ten works on your page, you would pay $20 and so on.

We feel this is an affordable way for artists to get more of their work
seen. Because Blue House Creative has a stake in the site's success, you
can also be sure we will promote it as heavily as possible.

If you are interested in being an exhibitor, please e-mail