Help with formula glass powder 300 mesh

Help with formula glass powder 300 mesh

Post by Hemmi Porcelain Studi » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Dear Glass Masters can any one of you help out a fellow Porcelain

I need to add powdered glass to one of my formula 300 mesh or finer that
melts at cone 017-015 or below 800 C 1472 F

Is enamel for copper just powdered glass with some metallic oxides it ?
If that is the case then I guess I just need some clear enamel for

I contacted one supplier and he wanted $ 34  a pound Is that normal
price ? I have never paied that kind of mony for a pound of any chemical
I use and some of them are expensive.

Make me wanna take out my big hammer and smash some glass into powder

Also need supplier of low temp frit High in Silica and high in Magnesium
or Calcium
any suggestions ?

Please send e-mail direct to me if not too much trouble.



Hermundur Gudmundsson
Hemmi Porcelain Studio