Minor Burner or Mid-Range?

Minor Burner or Mid-Range?

Post by Marth » Sat, 14 Feb 1998 04:00:00

For those of you who are beadmakers and use these torches . . . do you prefer
the Minor Burner or Mid-Range Burner, and why?  If there's another torch that
you prefer in this price range ($450 to $650 for a complete setup, including
gas bottles), what is it?

I have a HotHead torch, but would like to upgrade.  I find that the HotHead is
rather noisy and slow, plus I'd like to use refillable gas bottles instead of
the disposable MAPP ones.  I would like to upgrade to a better torch, hopefully
one that I'll be happy with for several years (since they're kind of

Thanks in advance for any info/advice you send me!


Minor Burner or Mid-Range?

Post by TGLASSA » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Actually you will probably find an even  number of people that will go for the
particular one you want.  If you expect to do large beads go for the mid-range.
 If you do small or delicate detailing the minor.  Actually I have something
like a hot head and a minor.  Because Oxygen is so expensive and you use it up
very fast compare to propane I have a dual valve system so that I can pipe my
propane to either the hot head or the minor.  For Item that I do not need the
oxygen and or need a lower flame I just use the hot head.  My business is a
serious but on the side business so I do not produce large quantity - just
quality for the 6 to 10 shows a year that I do.  Hope this helps

>Minor Burner or Mid-Range Burner, and why?