Glassblowers, casters, engravers . . . get a FREE LINK here!

Glassblowers, casters, engravers . . . get a FREE LINK here!

Post by Douglas Wiggi » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I am developing a glass resource page, composed of glassblowers,
etchers, casters, engravers, fusers - just about anything except
stained glass*.

IF you want a link, free of charge of obligation, just present me with
your URL and a brief description of your site in _EMail_ - PLEASE do
not clutter up the public base with responses to this message, unless
it is to add some real information that everyone needs.

The page is found at:
and it is composed of glassblowers, first, then museums, galleries,
auction sites and other places for glassblowers to sell their wares,
and it is ended with miscellaneous sources for materials, books,
magazines and references.

If you are putting up a public service page, and wish to include this
powerful page of links, please feel free to use this URL as a
non-commercial but commercially valuable link. If you have a
commercial link section, my home page offers custom glassblowing at I do not require that you put a link to my
pages from yours - you can have a link on my "glass" page just by
meeting the critereon - but I honestly believe that my glass page is
of value to anyone working in the vitreous arts. Feel free to suggest
pages which are not your own, too - anything glass related except for
stained glass.

Thank you for your time.

-douglas wiggins

*stained glass is covered by linking to a couple of sites who have
dedicated a lot of work toward developing stained glass resources; if
someone really wants a link to a stained glass site, just ask and I
will put it up out of professional courtesy.
Zoron Artistic & Scientific Glassblowing - contract & subcontract
Glassware for all industries. Sub-assemblies for other
craftspeople to add their art to; goblet bowls & project feet,
unfinished bottles - what do you need?


Glassblowers, casters, engravers . . . get a FREE LINK here!

Post by RBidd » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi I don't know much about glass
but I was wondering if there was anywhere
near Boston I could learn to blow glass pipes ect.