Bead making class by Brian Kerkvliet

Bead making class by Brian Kerkvliet

Post by Leonard » Sat, 30 Dec 1995 04:00:00

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> I hope I am not over-posting this info, but this class is
> almost upon us and I just wanted to make sure that anyone
> who wants to attend will, at least, know about it.

> ..

> Brian Kerkvliet, one of (if not the) best bead-makers
> in the US, is teaching a class at Bullseys Connection
> here in Portland on intermediate and advanced beadcraft.
> I don't recall the date, but it is coming up right
> away - within the next two weeks, for sure, and possibly
> as early as next weekend - check with the Bullseye Connection
> at 503-227-2797. I am sorry for not having the details
> more firmly established, but they are closed now so I can't
> check with them and I have had many events conspire to keep
> me from taking care of this better.

> The class will involve details of using soft glass (such
> as used in most artwork, but which is not normally used
> in lampwork in the US - we normally use Pyrex, here, but
> there are many more colors available in "soft" glass, which
> is so called because it gets very very soft when molten.)

> Most of the glass used will be Bullseye - that stained-glass
> manufacturer is starting to put out their product in the form
> of rods, for beadmakers. While the colors available, so far,
> are not the greatest, the fact that dichroic glass is available
> which "matches" the rest of the glass allows for some very
> spectacular effects (glass must match other glass that it is
> mixed with in how much it expands and contracts when heated and
> cooled - if a glass which expands a lot is mixed with one
> which expands only a little, they will break apart when cool.)
> Anyway, Bullseye is starting to approach this field, and Brian
> can make any glass sing.

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