Best deals on Onyx Vases

Best deals on Onyx Vases

Post by Leslie Nile » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

My name is Kashif Uppal. I am a collector and appraiser of antiques and
wood work from the Asian countries. I have recently set up a site as an
extension of my highly successful *** art and craft shop in St.Louis,

I would very much appreciate your time and interest if you would care to
drop by at


If you are an avid collector of Indian and Pakistani handicrafts, or just
want to provide that right touch to your home, I promise you will not be

By the way, I am also looking for interested parties in the handicrafts
business who recognize the current trend in inexpensive, ethnic
handicrafts, direct from a dealer.

Thank you.

Kashif Uppal