Glass Racks..How do you prefer your glass stacked...

Glass Racks..How do you prefer your glass stacked...

Post by Derek Windra » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00

We are a retail/wholesale shop in the UK, and we're expanding the
premises by another 1,000 sq.ft. I occurred to me that customers may
prefer a particular method of displaying cut sizes to what we hve at the
moment.  We've got the racks split into large & small pieces, in no
particular order, other than manufacturers ranges.  ie. All the Armstrong
is in one rack, Uroboros another, and so on.
I think the new racking would be similar, but all the colours of a
particular manufacturer could be colour indexed, ie. all the greens
togother, all the yellows together and so on. Internal rack lighting is
something we've done a bit of work on, each rack having it's own back
lighting, flourescent tubes.  Anyone seen anything really spectacular in
the way of racking?

Thanks in advance,


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