Need info on bowl

Need info on bowl

Post by Dave Jackso » Fri, 02 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hello. My name is Dave Jackson, and I live in the state of Oregon in the
USA.  I am posting here at in hopes of finding someone who
can help me identify a glass bowl I have recently acquired, known as "a
thousand moons and stars" and would like to learn more of its origins, style
name, and history. Because of the fine quality and style, I'm thinking it
might be Bohemian.  Attached is a JPG picture file of the bowl. I would be
grateful if you could comment on it.

At the time of purchase, the owner believed it to be of Bohemian ilk.  He
acquired it in an estate sale somewhere in the Sacramento California region,
old gold country of the mid 1800's.  Though I have never see such a design
before, that very same day I noticed the same design on a red decanter
located in a museum display at the Sutter's Mill visitor's center.  That
piece was claimed to be part of Sutter's possessions.

It is a very heavy bowl with a thick cobalt coating.  I can find no
markings.  Roundels act as fisheye lenses that multiply the images.  Stars
cut in between the lenses for added effect.

Thank you very much, Dave

begin 666 bowl2.JPG