Help with newsgroup posts, Free Agent & others?

Help with newsgroup posts, Free Agent & others?

Post by Diane A. Bla » Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I need some help here!!  I've been struggling along trying to change
my news reader from AOL since we've gotten our own domain and now have
a new server.

I first tried "Internet Mail" from MicroSoft, but it would sometimes
just stall and deliver no messages.  So then I remembered that many
people on this group had loved Free Agent.  We downloaded that and
I've been using it, but I don't seem to be getting all the posts.

1.  This morning, I got about 4 new messages.  That didn't seem right,
so I went to AOL and checked there.  AOL was showing many more than 4,
some of the ones I didn't get on Free Agent were a day or even two
old!   I hate this!  

So my first question is:  who knows what's happening (and how I can
fix it) . . . OR who has the perfect news reader???

2. Secondly, if I stay with FreeAgent, I would like to receive the
"bodies" from the beginning, so I've set that in the Preferences, but
I haven't seemed to figure out the *simplest* way to download all the
new messages --Catch Up doesn't do it . .. Anybody familiar with this

Diane B.


Help with newsgroup posts, Free Agent & others?

Post by K& » Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:00:00

This is an 'alternative' interface with Deja News.
I find it helpful to find one message that looks interesting, click on it.
At the top of the page there is "Return to Current Thread"  This will give
you all the replies to the original message even if your first key words are
not in the reply.

I have it booked marked and it's seems to work for me.

Good Luck,