Potomac Polymer Clay Guild Email News

Potomac Polymer Clay Guild Email News

Post by Wheat Car » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00

At the request of Georgia Sargent of the Potomac Polymer
Clay Guild, we have donated an announcement list.

An announcement list is NOT a discussion group. It is used
to send message to a large number of people in a single
email (similar to a mail list such as PolymerArts) but
while you are free to join or leave, only a few individuals
are able to post to the list.

If you would like to recieve meeting notices, and other
announcements of interest to DC area Polymer People,
please feel free to join the list.

you can do this by sending an email to:

The subject line will be ignored and can be left blank.

In the body of the message, type the following - all in
lower case and without any other words, sig lines, quotes

join ppc

This service is provided to the Guild at no charge, there is
no charge to join and your name will not be used by our
company in any way - in fact, for this list we have waived
our usual requirement that you also join our site's
announcement list.


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