Commercial Designs

Commercial Designs

Post by Diana Cri » Tue, 27 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I haven't addressed this question Hobby or Professional because I
haven't figured out how to post a long message on Netscape without being
timed out and disconnected. So I am typing this in Eudora and hopefully copy
and paste.

The incident that was mentioned was concerning my design in the Aleenes
Creative Living Magazine called "Dust Bunny". A friend came over to interview
me for an article in her newsletter called "Westcoast Craftlink" about the
template etc. When I showed her the mag. she said " Is that you, I didn't
notice your name. The craft shop near where I live are using this design as a
Spring Class project". No, I didn't mind that they were using the pattern but
I was a little hurt that they hadn't contacted me to teach the class. No, they
don't know me so how could they ask me, but I did not rationalize this out. My
feelings were hurt ( I am overly sensitive I know that ). Returning home she
phoned the shop and they in turn phoned me with profuse apologies, would I
teach, bring the template etc. etc.

Now to copyright etc. As Shane mentioned the usual fee paid for a design is
anywhere from $50. to $300.00 or more (rare in the polyclay field ). For this
$$ you release your design and write the instructions. In most cases the
magazine has first time rights only and you are able to sell the design or the
pattern on an individual basis. Another magazine though,  would not be at all
interested. The design is automatically copyrighted being in the mag. meaning
people can make the design but supposedly not make it to sell at craft fairs
etc. When I have sent the kit for my angel design, that is in Michael's  
Christmas Craft Review, I have also talked to them on the phone and I tell
them that I would be delighted if they wish to make my design and sell it.
Again as Shane mentioned, I would only release my commercial production
designs that I no longer will be making and selling. This leads me into the
other discussion, is it Work or Play?