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For those of you who are waiting eagerly for information on the polymer
clay conference at Arrowmont, here you go

             Dotty in CA


A National Conference on Craft Innovations Sponsored by the National
Clay Guild
Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, September 7-13, 1997
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The brochures will be mailed bulk rate from Arrowmont to all NPCG members
and should start arriving in mailboxes by the third week of May;
additional copies will be available from Arrowmont School in May.  Call
(423) 436-5860; Fax (423)430-4101; or write:  Arrowmont School of Arts
and Crafts, 556 Parkway, Gatlinburg TN 37738.

Become Part of the First Wave of Craftspeople to Learn These New Polymer
Clay Techniques!

The National Polymer Clay Guild is proud to invite you to its FIRST
NATIONAL CONFERENCE ever!  In the last decade, we have all learned many
ways to work with this versatile new material.  Numerous techniques we
now use were brought to polymer clay from other media, some adapted by
our own artists from their previous art experiences.   Other techniques
were developed by looking at unfamiliar media as a source of ideas for
polymer clay.  We have techniques for beads, jewelry, vessels, books,
dolls, wall pieces, sculpture, etc.  This is possibly the most versatile
medium ever invented!

Convinced that there is much more we can learn, NPCG focused this first
conference on "Making History:  Pushing the Craft of Polymer Clay".  
Masters of other Media* were challenged to adapt some of their techniques
to polymer clay, and  Masters of Polymer Clay were challenged to look at
polymer clay from a whole new angle and see what new techniques they
could invent.  The results are an exciting conference filled with fresh
possibilities for us all.  

ALL SKILL LEVELS will be able to learn new techniques in an environment
in which we each become students again.  Anyone who has worked with
polymer clay should feel comfortable signing up for any class that
interests them.  And the classes themselves have crossover applications.  
For example, polymer clay simulations of handmade paper can be used as a
surface for printmaking, cut into strips and woven or braided; or cut
into shapes and stitched, pieced, or draped to create larger forms.  
Class size is limited, so early registration is encouraged to get the
classes that you want.

For a single registration fee of $360 ($380 for nonmembers --who are
welcome to join as they register), you may sign up for as many or as few
classes as you want.  The conference features three hour classes and one
hour demos in morning and afternoon sessions; special evening
presentations on marketing strategies by Laura Balomibini and teaching
skills by Carol Zilliacus;
 faculty slide talks; and  speakers who are nationally recognized in the
world of crafts: Wendy Rosen, promoter of national wholesale craft shows,

 Rob Pulleyn, publisher of Lark Books, and Robert Liu, publisher of
Ornament magazine.  Other special features include: a faculty exhibit; a
national exhibit juried by Ken Trappp, curator in charge of the Renwick
Gallery in Washington, DC (slides due May 1); a Sunday night opening
reception of both gallery exhibits; a book signing party honoring authors
of polymer clay books, and a conference store at which you may consign
your work and volunteer.

And all of this is at Arrowmont, a gorgeous mountain craft school retreat
with well-equipped, light, spacious studios;  an extensive craft resource
library; a book and supply store; delicious homestyle meals; comfortable,
affordable housing; and studios open til midnight!  

     (Masters of Other Media designated with *)
Handmade Paper Simulations:  Kathleen Amt
Printmaking & Adapted Techniques:  Christine Blair*
Masters and Molds:   Katherine Dewey
Bas Relief  Modeling from a 2-D Design:  Katherine Dewey
Covered Containers: Any Shape You Want:   Kathleen Dustin
Dyeing & Surface Design Printing on Polymer Clay:
         Janice Everett*
Surface Designing to Achieve the Look of Ancient Artifacts:
           Gwen Gibson
Simple Mechanical Ideas & Devices  Adapted from
           Metalsmithing:     Christopher A. Hentz*
The Marriage of Pattern & Texture:  Margaret Maggio
Adaptive Sewn Construction Strategies and Cutwork Design:
        Sue Patterson*
Adaptive Woodworking Techniques for Polymer Clay:  
         Daniel Peters*
Wearable Masks:  Carolyn Potter
Adaptive Flat Metal Techniques for Polymer Clay:  
         Suzanne Stern*
Re-Designing Canes:  Cynthia Toops
Adaptive Ceramics Techniques for Polymer Clay:  
          Will Truchon*
Balloons:  Air As Armature in Hollow Forms:  Pier Voulkos
Three Beginning Classes by Karen Murphy:
        Clay & Color: Making Choices:
        Canes, Canes, & More Canes:
        Surface Design Survey & Mokume Gane Box Applications

How to Take Great Slides:  Sherri Haab
Making Your Own Colored Clays from Translucent:  
            Lindly Haunani
Woven & Braided Forms:  Nan Roche
Using Canes to Create the Look of Tapestries & Paintings:
            Carol Zilliacus  

Marketing Your Work:  Strategies for  Success:  
          Laura Balombini
Teaching the Craft:  Proven  Techniques for More Effective
         Teaching Skills:  Carol Zilliacus  

Room rates start at $10/night for the dorm.  Rooms in the restored
cottages cost from $14-$22 a night.  Rooms in Hughes Hall, the newest
housing facility, cost from $25-$45 per night. Anyone wishing to share a
room must submit their registrations together in one envelope.   The
purchase of a meal ticket is required for anyone staying in campus
housing and costs $137 for the full week.  People staying off campus are
welcome to eat their meals on campus by purchasing a meal ticket when
they register.   A Saturday night barbeque with music and dancing in
Smoky Mountains National Park, including transportation, is $24 per

      The registration packet will fill you in on how to get the best
prices on airline tickets.  Ground transportation in Arrowmont's van to
and from Knoxville costs $20 each way.

want to miss.

 For other questions about the conference, contact conference co-