Arrowmont attendee list

Arrowmont attendee list

Post by Jeannine » Thu, 04 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi, all,

Here's the list as best as I can compile it.  If someone is willing to
print it out for me, I'd appreciate it.  I'm on the road with laptop but no
printer.  If you can get it to me at Sunday's dinner, I'll get it copied
somehow.  Please e-mail me if you want to do it so I don't have twelve
people trying to track me down.  Thanks, Jeannine

Amanda (Mandy) Jordan  (Artisan AJ)
Samantha McPherson  (Sam in MS)

Juli Mc Carthy  (Canebake)
Sherry Bailey
Janet Faris
Betty Abdu
Becky Preston  (rebecca955)
Nancy Thompson
Shane ____  (Shaneanagel)
Nancy Nearing
Patti Kimle  (pakimle)
Nan Roche
Lynne Waldrop
Diane Villano
Jim Van Scyoc  (jvan)----a real, live MALE!!
Pauline Botelho
Erica Hoehn
Alice Jenks
Jenny Benzique
Amy Koralek
Melinda DiGiacinto
Barbara McGuire  (stylefimo)
Linda Tiffany-Cardwell  (LTC4PC)
Linda Bernstein  (claycane)
Judy Beard
Sharon Mihalyak
Juliana ______  (Julijul)
Jeannette _______  (RMAJA)
Carol Simmons
Michelle Laporte Bourgault  (Mich2)
Kathy Gregson
Cecilia Determan  (celaclay)
Diane Dunville
Jeannine Piccinini