Tumbling box quilt pattern -early success

Tumbling box quilt pattern -early success

Post by Bozo » Mon, 09 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I had a lot of fun poking around in the <A
HREF="http://members.aol.com/polyannie/quilts.html">Judith Skinner's quilt
page</A> and was intrigued by the 3D box pattern that is "On the drawing
board".  At first it seemed pretty tough, making all those strips with 60 and
120 degree angles, then I realized that I could do it with simple round snakes!

What I did was make snakes of three different colors.

I laid two snakes together and placed the third on top of the two.  I then
rolled these together into a single three-striped snake.  I reduced this snake
to 1/4"

Rolling the three together, the clay flows to form the 120 degree angles at the
center.  To get the 60 degree angles I stacked sections of the three-colored
snake so that the colors were in the right places and when I reduced it voila!
There it was!  

There are a number of defects in this, my first attempt, but I am convinced
that they can be avoided by 1)getting the three-colored snake to a uniform
diameter and 2)avoiding white clay.  It is especially important that the three
clays have very similar consistancies.  I used red and blue sculpey III and
white promat.  ( the white was a little softer than the others)

My only question is ... have I reinvented the wheel again?