Bead Exhibit at Mingei Museum

Bead Exhibit at Mingei Museum

Post by Carol V. Jaramil » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

A few weeks ago some of you were asking where this exhibit was located.  My beader buddy in San Diego finally got the info.  And the exhibit is still going on.

>The Bead: The Smallest Portable Art Object

             Mingei International Museum of World Folk Art

>The new Museum [in Balboa Park] is located on the square with the San Diego Museum of

   Art and the Timken Museum of Art, where it will strengthen San Diego's
   art hub. Adjacent to the Museum of Man, the Japanese Friendship
   Garden, the House of Pacific Relations Cottages, and neighboring nine
   other distinguished museums, it will be another jewel in the
   multicultural crown of the City.

Okay, not meaning to sound like a Chamber of Commerce booklet, just wanting to share something special from three weeks out of my life.  You can tell I want to go back.

Carol in Columbus (Ohio--where they have winter and stuff like that)