New Hot Category at Amazon METAPHYSICAL

New Hot Category at Amazon METAPHYSICAL

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The "Arts & Crafts Business Forum" Mailing List has been waging a
continuous campaign to influence online auctions to have categories
more favorable to contemporary gift items manufactured by the arts and
crafts community. This is one small success. METAPHYSICAL is one of the
hottest categories going for those that handcrafted items for this
particular group. Thank You!

If you're not making a line of jewelry for the "Perky Goths" you're
missing out on a huge market.  Metaphysical is the category that most
of these will be marketed at online auctions. Tip of the day.  :-)

Our ultimate goal is to have a general category: MADE AND SOLD BY THE
ARTIST, Gold's Auction already has this category we hope that it will
be picked up by the majors.


Our Metaphysical category (under Other Goods and Services) is now open
business! Feel free to spread the word and sell some items while our
Summerdime promotion is still running (through August 20th).

Best regards,

Alison Kurke
Category Manager Auctions

Those of you they would like to help us out with this grassroots

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in except as a

Talk to you later, Howard

For additional information do to:

Kindly overlook contextual errors, I use speech recognition software.


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