Here I am

Here I am

Post by Mureecg » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Well says Petra, blushing a profuse tomato red colour.
Robert you are wonderful and thankyou for the kind words and Jane what can I
I have been fortunate enough to travel with Jane and Judith "THE Skinner blend"
Skinner down to Santa Barbara after Embellishments.
Embellishment was great and I learnt a heap from Nan, Celie and margaret.
Today I have been fortunate enough to be hosted by Marie and howard and the San
Diego Polymer clay guild for one of their clay days.  I have been spending
serious money and not had much of chance to get to the computer but hopefully I
will be able to post a little more frequently.
So everyone who has hosted me and everyone who has taken the time to stop and
chat Thankyou all so much.  to all my favourite chatters sorry I haven't had a
chance but once again (as shes blushes again) Thankyou
See you all soon
Petra in San diego
escondido to be exact
bye for now
Love to all.

Here I am

Post by Doracl » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi Petra, remember me??  I've enjoyed reading about your US travels !!!  I look
forward to meeting you at will you know who I am?  Well,
I plan to wear the cutest polyclay clown pin with my name on it, <sounds
familiar, VBG???>, so be on the lookout!!

Dora from RI
member of NPCG and
Central New England Polymer Clay Guild


Here I am

Post by canegur » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00

It's great to see Petra posting about her U.S. travels.  For those of
you coming to Ravensdale and who want to meet her, as well as many of
the rest of us, one convenient place to meet will be at the on-liners'


I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you!

And remember, it's NOT too late to decide to come to Ravensdale!  You
can still get registered - - just call Karen Murphy at the Artifactory
(206) 322-9233, AFTER July 23rd.  Karen will take registrations until
Wed., August 5.  After that, folks will have to wait a few days, until
Mon., Aug. 10, and register at the event through the

See you all VERY soon!

Linda G.

Seattle, WA  USA