PRESS RELEASE - Internet Security Issue

PRESS RELEASE - Internet Security Issue

Post by Will B. Boink » Thu, 02 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> March 02, 1998

>John Macklin
>   Phone... 505-336-9690 x1900      

>Security on the Internet resides "Behind the Veil".....

>Alto, NM - March 02, 1998 - Starwell Enterprises has introduced Veil
>UltiMail, a new service for totally anonymous and untraceable Internet

>Veil UltiMail is intended mainly for those who want their Internet usage to
>be secure and untraceable. It provides freedom from invasion of privacy on
>the Internet by hackers, net child predators, unsolicited marketing data
>collection, private investigation experts, and those practicing industrial

Isn't that just special!  It will also make it harder to get rid of
the spam sending slimeballs that are clogging up bandwidth with their
John Batt
"It has been said that if you lock a million monkeys in a room
with a million typewriters that they will eventually reproduce
the entire works of William Shakespeare, today thanks to the
Internet we know this is not so"