Lots of stuff - sort of OT

Lots of stuff - sort of OT

Post by Song or Michae » Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Dear all,

        I'm back in the loop (so to speak...) after almost two months of total
chaos and frustration.  I had to go to NYC for a week to visit with my
family - and I can't take more than 4 days with them before I start to
implode.  Then, when I got home, I had tons more stuff to do.  I'd
ignored the apartment for at least two months; my husband's thrilled -
we can now see the floor in the kitchen.  I'm afraid of the living room
and I think I'll just pretend the bedroom never had a floor...

        However, I finally have gotten myself put back together.

        I was at Embellishment (yay!!) and took loads of wonderful pictures.
Unfortunately, due to the personal craziness in my own life, I've lost
the email addresses I was s'posed to mail the photos to.  If anyone can
tell me Klew's email addy and Judith Skinner's I'd really appreciate it.

        Jodie, I have the photos of the dinner in my computer.  I'm going to
try to mail them to you this week.