LynnDel private post didn't work-so sending it here

LynnDel private post didn't work-so sending it here

Post by Peggy & Bo » Sat, 25 Jul 1998 04:00:00


> Well, Peggy, I'm going to miss you, the "neighbor" I've
> never seen;
> anyone within 100 miles seems kind of close.  Hope to still
> see you
> online, however!

> LynnDel,

Thanks for saying that.  I guess that in this day of instant
global communication, anyone living within 100 miles is
certainly a "neighbor".
I will be back online the day ( the hour) we get the computer
set up.....which must be ASAP once we're there because my
Husband needs it for his consulting-so don't worry, you won't
be getting rid of me that easily.
Keep the group together while I'm away the end of Aug and beg.

of Sept.  I know I'm leaving it in good and competent hands.

BTW, because I live just outside of SF-the "natural air
conditioning has kicked in and it's actually been very cool
the past few days.  I love it. Wearing my flannel pj's.
Be well LynnDel and if I don't speak to you within the next 2
weeks.....see you in Sept.

Your neighbor,