Spotted Polyclay Ideas

Spotted Polyclay Ideas

Post by Sherry Bail » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

Thought it might be interesting to start a thread for spotters -- what
commercial poly clay stuff are we seeing "out there" in the real world (and at
what prices, if noticed...) For inspiration, competitive research, whatever...

So, to start:

I get a few mail order gift catalogs.  In one of them there was a brandy
schnifter votive candle holder covered with face canes. (They said it was
"hand painted" so I sent them a postcard pointing out that they were crazy!
I think it was about $20 but I'm not sure about that. My guess was imported.

Another catalog (Seasons, I think) has letter openers with handles of black
clay or maybe epoxy set with about a half dozen face and flower canes. I think
it was $23.  Same catalog had watch bands made from cane-slice beads. Didn't
notice the price. (Oops -- just checked -- $89 for one version. I have seen 3)

Then in real GLASS millefiore (which can give us clay folk ideas, after all) I
saw a series of clocks... one was simply a slab of solid millefiore flowers
(etc.) about three inches wide, maybe 8 inches tall and about a bit more than
a quarter inch thick, with a little round battery-operated clock face set into
it. Meant for a desk or  tabletop. (I think the base was the same, about an
inch out from each side, but that part is hazy!) (A person might find some
bargain wrist watches to use this way, don't you think??) I don't clearly
remember the designs of the other clocks, but they were the same idea -- slabs
of glass decorated with millefiore with clocks set in, different shapes...

And of course I have seen jillions of those really detailled zen/Grateful
Dead/Sun face cane slice pendants for about $7-8 on leather thongs... neat the
first time, boring now!

What other spottings have the rest of you had??? (All's fair -- you can spot
your own stuff too, as long as it's not an AD for it!!) This is inspiration
and market research, remember!



Spotted Polyclay Ideas

Post by Jennifer Lamme » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

: Thought it might be interesting to start a thread for spotters -- what

I was in St. Louis visiting family this past weekend and spent a
morning at an Art & Craft Fair.  There was one booth (of the 100+
there) that was all FIMO jewelry.  Unfortunately, I forget the artist's
name but I know she was from the Shawnee, KS area.  Her jewelry was
very well done - earrings, pins, necklaces.  Alot of precise (no distortion)
cane work and some cute Xmas jewelry.  It was tough to get a good look
because of all the people.  And that booth was the only one I saw that
had a line to pay!  (Hmmm, maybe it's time for a career change.  ;)

The prices I saw ranged from $12 for earrings to $80 for long necklaces.
BTW, the was a very "high end" arts/crafts fair.  It was held in a
nice sculpture park, 3 bucks to get in, and very few of the artists
were local.

I've also seen some jewelry in an art gallery here in Miwaukee, but I
didn't get prices.


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Spotted Polyclay Ideas

Post by Dorothy Mcmill » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00

>Thought it might be interesting to start a thread for spotters -- what
>commercial poly clay stuff are we seeing "out there" in the real world

     In an art gallery I spotted some beautiful necklaces made from
slices of Fimo canes.  Black, white and cream petroglyphs which had been
highly glazed.  Very sleek and lovely.
     Spotted some small bowls at a craft show made from a variety of
colorful canes.
     Spotted some really cute key ring holders with funny faces on them
at a local drug store.  Probably imported, but quite nicely done.
     On my dining room table I spotted my ongoing projects, HUGE beads
done over ping pong balls, sanded and buffed to a high sheen, with
patterns of every color and type.
     Spotted some wonderful cards which had some colorful and interesting
fabric glued on the front, and a Fimo stick-pin inserted into the fabric.
 The cards were blank inside for writing your own message.  The pins all
matched, in some way, the fabric.
      That's about it, but isn't it fun to go looking?

     Dotty in CA