Good news re: late registration for Ravensdale!

Good news re: late registration for Ravensdale!

Post by canegur » Fri, 24 Jul 1998 04:00:00

For any of you that may not be able to meet the registration deadline
for Ravensdale
(July 23rd), there is another option!  Karen Murphy has VERY WONDERFULLY
to take last minute registrations through her store, the Artifactory,
registration closes at Evergreen this Thur., July 23rd.  

You CAN still get registered; just call Karen Murphy at her store, The
Artifactory (206) 322-9233,
between July 24th and August 5th.  After August 5th, you'll have to wait
until Monday, August 10, and register through the Ravenstore at
Evergreen during Ravensdale.  

+++++++DO NOT send your registration to The Evergreen State College
after July 23.++++++++++  

If you have any questions about registration or the classes offered, you
can also call Dori Grandstrand, Ravensdale 98 Program Chair, at (425)

Hope that's all clear.  If not, call Dori or drop me an e-mail!

If you've been undecided about coming... let me decide for you.  

Yes!  You want to be with us.  I'm sure of it!!!


Linda G.
R'dale onliners party: