Great New Categories at Golds Auction

Great New Categories at Golds Auction

Post by Seche » Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Finally Sculpture & jewelry categories for Native Sold by the Artist!

We have a major response to our request to include artisan categories at a
soon-to-be major online auction, Gold's Auction. These folks deserve your
patronage, yes, they are new and not running a great deal of traffic but I
think that will change quickly, we need to support these guys - they are
supporting us.  Give this some thought if online auction's are to be
included in your marketing plan before Christmas.

Below is Roberts letter that sums up our thoughts.

Talk to you later, Howard
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Have you folks checked out Gold's lately.
They have, per our request,"Arts & Crafts
Business Forum" Mailing List, added 15
"Made and Sold by the Artist" Categories.

That's right 15. I think since they catered
to our needs it is only fair that we support
this venue. I know they are not
generating much traffic right now, but
then neither did the other auction sites
when they first started. Golds is ending
their beta phase and launching a vigorous
advertising campaign. Since it doesn't cost
anything to list why not have a bunch of
stuff listed when they open to the public?
Robert Houghtaling
The Figgy Mountain Frogery

Robert Houghtaling Sculpture and Design