**LEGAL $$** Sell Your Favorite Recipe!!

**LEGAL $$** Sell Your Favorite Recipe!!

Post by msgra.. » Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I know you ve seen all the adverti***ts for easy money,
and you ve wondered,  Are they legal?  Some of them are,
some of them are not.

This one is!  (Reference US Code, Title 18, Section 1302,1
343 & Title 39, Section 3005)  And it can earn you $22,000
in about 90 days!

You are buying and selling recipes!  

Please take a moment and read this through, or better yet, print it!

Thousand of people have been doing this through the snail
mail process and making tons of money.   Now you can do
it through the Internet and make more!

How does it work?

Just send $2.00 to each person listed below, requesting the
recipe they are selling.  Enclose the money in a self addressed
stamped envelope.  Then, add your name to the bottom of
the list, move everyone up a notch, remove the person from
the #1 position  and post your message to at least 200 of the
thousands of newsgroup sites.

(Just go to KEYWORD and type Newsgroup, it ll show you
ALL of them.)

If you add your name to the top of the list, you are only
cheating yourself.

Figure it this way, usually you will only get a 5% response.
But, look what 5% can earn you!

Level 1:  you send out 200 postings;

(Position 3)

(Position 2)    

(Position 1)    

Total Cash Received $22,212
Total Expense  $10.56

At this point, your name will drop off the list.  But no
one said you couldn t do it all over again!!

Just think!  In about 90 days you could have $20,000 !!

Imagine too, a 10% response!  Just for selling your favorite
recipe!  (It must be yours to sell)  

Don t forget to keep an account of  the money for tax
purposes.  This IS legal, so you want to make sure it stays
that way!

Good luck!!

#1      Yvonne Baumeister       (Rhubarb Cake)
        213 Howard
        Belen, MN  87002

#2      RD Ubben                (Chocolate Macadamian
        PO Box 965                      Nut Cookies)
        Dakota City, NE  68731

#3      Greg Grant              (Black Beans, Sausage
        314 Woodland Avenue     and Rice)
        Brea, Ca  92821

#4      Michelle Stillman       (Broiled Orange Roughy)
        4151 Mt. Elena Circle    
        Corona, Ca  91720