Baking and Re-baking?

Baking and Re-baking?

Post by redwoo » Sat, 21 Dec 1996 04:00:00


I am covering a vase for my dad's wedding,  my idea was and always has been
to cover with one color (in this case I already covered it with promat's
bronze (what a pain))  and add on slices from various canes for
decoration...  I have noticed a lot of folks here talking about baking and
rebaking....  I would like to know what the advantage of that is over just
doing the whole job at once....

Also, if I baked the vase now (with only the promat cover) wouldn't it be
harder for me to "stick" on the cane slices when the clay is backed?  

Thank you very much....  :)



Baking and Re-baking?

Post by Mrs. Dorothy L. Mcmill » Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi Suz;
        There are several advantages to baking in stages.  The main one
for me is that I don't end up "smooshing" the base clay when putting on
the canes, or other ornamentation.  You have a nice, firm base to work
on.  As far as sticking, I've not had a problem with this at all.  I
usually give the baked clay a quick sand with a 220 grit wet/dry paper
and then gently press the new pieces against that.   Sometimes I take
some soft clay and rub the area where things will be added.  This
leaves a trace of plasticiser which helps adhure things.  
            With my little 5" tall elves, I bake in about four stages.  
I make the basic head, arms and underdress, and then bake.  That gives
me a firm stand on which to build the rest.  I add the headress and
part of the rest of the elf's "costume" and bake again.  When it's
cool, I begin to add the fancy stuff like flowers, ribbons, bows,
buttons, etc.  Then I bake again.  The last touches then go on, often
jewelry, and other small things.  This way, I not only don't mess up
things when I try to add other things, but I know that my little
people are very well baked.

Dotty in CA