Resources for beginner??

Resources for beginner??

Post by Barba » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

        There are sooo many different types of modeling materials
on the market. I am looking at an American arts and crafts supply
catalog and the quantity and variety of materials is staggering, AND
confusing to a beginner. I have never used any of these, so I would
appreciate it if  someone would please suggest the names of products
with which I can start?

        1) I would like to begin by practicing modeling, so I am
looking for modeling compounds that will not harden/are permanently
pliable, and that do not leave a residue on one's hands or clothing or
worksurface. Need to use my worksurface for other things.

        2) Moving on to modeling in the real stuff: I do not intend to
bake the projects in my oven. There isn't a definitive  word on the
safety of these chemicals, so I'll limit myself to those that air dry
for now.

        3) Then I'd like to try the dry modeling compounds. I am
especially interested in the non-asbestos fiber powder mixes.

All replies are greatly appreciated!!!


Resources for beginner??

Post by Trici » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

If you want some detail in your work, you may need to use the oven baked
stuff. I would suggest Super Sculpey, Fimo or Cernit. Just make sure you
don't burn it, Kepp temp low,,,about 220 and let it bake for an hour or so
depending on how large your piece is.