Greyhound Arts and Crafts Needed

Greyhound Arts and Crafts Needed

Post by Jack and Amy Corriga » Sun, 01 Sep 1996 04:00:00

If you know of an artist or crafter who does greyhound items, please get
them the information about the Greyt Greyhound Art Contest and Auction.
The art contest is open to high school student.  The auction is open to
all artists and crafters.

The deal is that you submit a photo of your art or craft before December
1, 1996.  It will be posted on the web page.  Then in January, the arts
and crafts will be "silent auctioned" off.  50% of the proceeds will go
to the artist and 50% will go to an emergency fund for greyhound rescues
due to track closings and natural disasters.

All arts and crafts are welcome, from paintings to sculptures to
greyhound coats and accessories to jewelry to quilts.  Pretty much
anything having to do with a greyhound.  

Feel free to pass this info along.  Check out the works already
submitted at:

If you need inspiration or patterns, check out our personal web page at
the address in the signature lines below.

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Maggie & Clancy (retired greyhounds) - Riley (rescued whippet - kangaroo
Murphy (rescued Norwegian Elkhound) - Molly (Norfolk Terrier - angel)

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