What is happening here ?

What is happening here ?

Post by P?rr? T?rr?n » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Dear Family,

Have been offline for some weeks now because I met somebody (hehee... The
right one). I have downloaded most of the posts that came while away, and
am really feeling odd.

I dont know who these people are, but evidently there is something too
good in our community to some people. I just want to state my opinion out
loud in case there are some newbies or otherwise silent and insecure ones
following this group. I know from first hand experience that people around
this NG are the nicest and warmest ones I have met. And believe me, I have
met tons of people. Never have wanted to belong to any group before. But
polyclayers I call my family.

I am from the other side of the world. English is not my native language. I
sometimes do not understand all the vibes that come from choice of the
words, but definitely I know that people here are more supportive,
creative, sharing and inspiring than all the rest of the art world
together. I have learned all my skills from people here, either straight
from the ng posts or from websites, magazines and books recommended (and
even given to me !) by several people. I have gotten plenty of good friends
from this NG. And, above all things, I do not feel like the poor lonely
clayer in the desert although I only have met some newbie clayers in my
home country.

I am sorry for all of you who feel left out from our community. Please, try
again. Tell about your claying, show your work, ask questions. I know we as
a group are usually very welcoming and helpful, but of course sometimes
things happen and no one seems to answer the posts outright. Just keep on
talking. Even though you might feel you dont have much to offer, please
try to  jump in. Every single clayer I have met online has had some tips
that no one else have not thought or said before. Newbie eyes see different
problems but also different approaches to them as the old geese here. So
you might have something worth sharing even though it would be a question.
Your question may start a discussion ending to some creative solutions,
maybe even new techniques.

Criticism is a good thing. But it is a whole different thing than
condemning someone elses work as junk. We all do plenty of junk. And as the
talents and skills get better the amount of items we consider as junk keeps
growing. It is pretty natural thing. What is unhealthy (IMO) is to start
focusing in others work instead of your own. I know from my own experience
how idiotic it is to compare yourself to others. You can learn from others,
even envy their talent and you certainly can feel you are worse or better
than some people. Its pretty human to feel these things. We all do,
sometimes. But to be so jealous of talents or success of others that you
want to publicly claim their work worthless is not something I will bare
here without trying to say something about it. Selfesteem is something we
all could have more. But it will not come from trying to lower others. That
only makes all the people feel bad and angry. That is not the creative
atmosphere I would like to be in.

This was not just few cents from me but more a religious moment when I
though I need to share what I feel. And I feel we all, including all the
silent partners, need to focus on seeing the forest from the occasional
trees. This is a good place, its a family. And as in every family we need
to decide whether we want to get closer or not.

I would like to quote Sarajane. The quote will end up to my new webpages.
But I feel I need to share it with you now:

>"Polymer" means "many; linked for strength" and you are part of the whole.

  - Sarajane

This is what I have felt. This is what I want to believe.

Yours in clay

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What is happening here ?

Post by Miracle >^,, » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

P?rr? T?rr?nen wrote...
> Dear Family,
> snip snip snip>
> This is what I have felt. This is what I want to believe.

    Gosh.  <sigh>  You said that SO much better than I tried to.
Thank you for putting your feelings into print, Porro.



What is happening here ?

Post by Rubygir » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Porro - Thanks you so much for reminding us that only by
treating others as we would want to be treated can this ever-
expanding world of technology remain a tool and a method to make
new friends - not a screen to hide behind and allow us to do and
say things we would not normally say publicly.


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What is happening here ?

Post by The Polymer Clay Pi » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

>>"Polymer" means "many; linked for strength" and you are part of the whole.
>  - Sarajane

>This is what I have felt. This is what I want to believe.

Absolutely, Porro. And please note that the logo for the British Polymer
Clay Guild is a chain to show the above, a rainbow to symbolise hope and
colour, and a spark for the spark of invention/imagination that is in us


PS the logo isn't on the British Guild site yet - but will go up when I
next update.
British Polymer Clay Guild