Location of past news group postings

Location of past news group postings

Post by kelly John McLai » Mon, 17 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Is there an archieve site for past postings to this group?  A few weeks
ago there were several great techniques outlined for making opal;
unfortunately I forgot to save them.  Thanks in advance..


Location of past news group postings

Post by f.. » Thu, 20 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Dear Kelly and anyone else who may care,

One other thing to note when using Deja News.  Click on the Power Search
icon, then click on the 120 button to see the most messages at once.  Also,
after you go with the "Current" database button (this is the default) and
read all the messages, click on the "Old" database button, it'll give you a
whole other set of  messages (older, of course).  On top of that you can
add any words to your search statement and it will get really specific for
you.  For example:  " rec.crafts.polymer-clay  opals" (don't use the
quotation marks) will give you all the "opal" posts.  Again, I recommend
clicking the "old" button because there are a lot on this particular
subject (I should know, I read the opal stuff myself).   The search engine
is really good and uses any word you put in there, so if you type "
rec.crafts.polymer-clay kelly" you'll see all the messages you ever posted
to the group.  Believe it or not, this does have it's benefits, and no, I
wasn't looking for my own, I was looking for one of Sylvie's old posts.

Happy hunting,


Location of past news group postings

Post by DABla » Fri, 09 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

Thought I would summarize the great info. Flo gave a few months ago about
researching old postings (by subject, author or newsgroup, etc.).  This
was the first I'd heard of the DejaNews newsgroup search engine.  Thanks


Keyword:  DejaNews

click on:  Power Search

type in:  rec.crafts.polymer-clay opals  (there must be a space before
opals, no dot)
click on: Old (in Options)


I pulled up 26 responses in a thread from this group dated June 20, 1995
through Sept. 29, 1995 (the two current messages can be selected by
leaving the Current option as the default, rather than selecting Old).
Then select a message to read, or start at the top and click on Next
Article at the top or bottom of each posting.  

(I haven't read these yet, but have a note to remind myself to do it
because I want to know too.  If you find out anything definitive, please
report back.)  Diane B.