Quilt designs

Quilt designs

Post by Lois Hedri » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi all, earlier there was a post about how to make thread marks to look
as if the clay were "sewn" when making quilt blocks out of clay.  I was
just wondering what I coulduse to fill in the gaps between the pieces.
I used a mix of black, silver and lots of white to make a sparkly kind
of grout, it looks really great on my July 4th canister (I'm making the
four seasons) but it's a little dark for spring (pastels).  I tried
white but it doesn't show well between the pastels.  Any ideas?  Would
liquid Sculpey work for this and can I tint it a pastel color?

Oh yeah, I want these to look like tiles.  I forgot to tell ya'll that.

Lois H.

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