skin color for lifelike skin tone

skin color for lifelike skin tone

Post by Dianne Coo » Mon, 20 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I am hoping that we could begin to share some recipes for various skin
colors, and ways to keep the final skin looking alive, not matte or

I can not use Cernit (although I love its finished look) because it 'melts'
when I sculpt with it. I like Fimo soft best for handling, but its colors
are very matte unless mixed with translucent...then handling is compromised.
I like Prosculpt, but how many people are pink-beige and 'ethnic' brown?? I
like Premo beige...but what about skin color recipes?

I would really like to stay with Fimo for it handling and color mixing
qualities. My current recipe that I am using for Asian fair skin color is:
1/4 Fimo Soft sahara, 3/4 Fimo ar translucent.

Any recipes out there to share??