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Post by Barbara Foste » Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Little bits and pieces I've been meaning to post:

   Some time back there was a brief discussion about those new plastic
containers put out of "Glad" company, mostly dealing with the fact that
people thought that they would "melt" when used with the polyclays.  I
noticed some on sale a few weeks ago (4 per package at $2 a package), and,
being always on the edge of broke, stopped and took a closer look.  The
plastic code on the bottom was a "5", which  I understood to be one of the
"okay" codes, so I bought it.  (Hey, if it didn't work, I could always
store FOOD in them!)  I put some s***Sculpey III into one of the
containers, tucked it away, and held onto the 3 others.  3 weeks later I
checked to see what, if anything had happened.  The clay showed no signs of
interacting with the plastic, there was no "melting", nor any sign of
leaching of plastisizer on either.  Since polyclaying keeps most of us
half-broke, and these things actually come in 2 sizes and 4-to-a-package at
a cheap price, this might be a match made in heaven!!  I'm going to try
some of the original Sculpey in one of the containers....if that doesn't
cause a reaction, not much else will (except possibly Sculpey Dilutent!).
I'll let folks know how that comes out.

   A sincere "thank you" is needed to be given to Prairie Craft Company!
Just before Labor day, I placed a large order to this company and sent it
off to them.  Being a practical person when it comes to Snail Mail and UPS,
I did not expect to hear anything for several weeks (hope for a miracle,
expect reality!).  About a week later, I got a note from them stating that
I hadn't sent enough for proper S&H, so I sent that off and figured that
there would be a delay because of it.  Less than 3 days later, I got my
order...and a very pleasant surprise!  Vernon Ezell sent a note apologizing
for the delay "due to the Labor Day weekend" and sent, as part of the
apology, a free "Nublade"!  Once I got my jaw off the floor, I had to send
a response to the company.....so, Vern, if you or one of your workforce
reads this, Thank You!!  It's very seldom in this day and age that people
give such consideration to their customers, and it's a VERY pleasant
surprise when they do!  You people will be getting more of my business,
believe me, and hopefully this note will also get other folks to order from
you as well...

                     Barb Foster


Odds & Ends

Post by Byrd Tetzla » Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Thanks for info about the Glad containers



Odds & Ends

Post by Otterfi » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I love prarie craft too!

I have ordered twice so far (since i am new to online ordering) and i am really
bad about habing clay withdrawl, my clay gets to me faster than rearanging my
schecdule to go to micheals!  and of course they are much nicer than your
average micheals employee