I am starting an online arts & crafts mall

I am starting an online arts & crafts mall

Post by Subtlegl » Fri, 16 May 1997 04:00:00

Subtle Moon, a division of Serex Corporation, will soon be starting an
online arts & crafts mall called "Moonbeams." For as little as $7.00 per
month, you can advertise your products on your own web page complete with
a photo of your product and a sizebale amount of text. All customers will
come directly to you either through email, phone or mail. There are no
commissions, percentages, etc. required - other than a very modest
start-up fee ($25.00). Other packages will be available if you'd like to
have your page specially designed by our graphic art department or if
you'd like to design your own page. If I get a good response, I am
planning to advertise this site in some national magazines and newsletters
as well as register with search engines online and place notices
throughout the internet.

If you are interested in getting involved in this type of project and
would be ready to get a web page going in July 1997, please notify me via

are, your company name (if you have one), and a little about the items you
produce. I am looking for any art and/or craft related, handmade items.

Deb Cattoi