Matte finish on clay

Matte finish on clay

Post by Vince Rhe » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I do not know exactly the matte finish you are trying to get, but I had
asked the same question quite some time ago.  I was trying to make
collage pictures with textiles and with the ladies made from cernit.
I've been experimenting with different things to get a flesh or matte
finish and the best I have come up with is to take a piece of nylon
stocking and press into the clay.  It doesn't take much pressure to give
the slightest texture so this cuts down on the gloss and the shape is
not ruined. If you need texture on a curved piece, just wrap the nylon
around a finger and roll it over the clay. If you look at your skin on
the back of your hand, you can see a similar texture on the clay from
the stocking.

I also found that there are at least ten different weaves in nylon
stockings. The hosiery that I like best for skin are old silk ones with
the seam up the back from the 60's.  They are not all crinkled up like
the type I prefer to wear now. (I actually don't prefer any--I'm a blue
jeans woman--but sometimes like weddings, I give in.)  Really smooth so
you don't have to worry about pressing a wrinkle into the clay. They
also don't leave any fibers as a piece of regular material would. One
other note--use only one layer of nylon--cut the stocking first
otherwise you will have a different textured surface.

After this worked for me, I tried old polyester double knit woven fabric
from the 60's.  Now this stuff has all kinds of patterns as texture.
Had a piece with little loops which overlapped each other in scallops.
The great thing was it made a good pattern for a mermaid's tail and
never left any fibers behind.  Finally, this horrible (IMO) fabric can
be used for something!!

I'm fairly new here so if you all have tried this and it's not the
effect you want, sorry for taking so much space.  But it worked for me.
You can look at what I did before I learned about nylon stocking
The pictures aren't too great, but you can see how shiny the flesh looks
on the ladies.  In a couple of weeks, I hope to have photos of the ones,
I made using the nylon stockings.  You can really see the difference.
And even up close through glass the patterned texture from the nylons
looks like smooth skin with no oily shine.
Hope this is helpful.  You all have sure been a great help to me.