Arrowmont Art Show Aps.

Arrowmont Art Show Aps.

Post by Sherry Bail » Wed, 08 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I now have in my hot little hands the applications for entering the art show
at Arrowmont in September.

If you are a National Guild member, it would be better if you wait for your
POLYinforMER to come. It will include the form and infromation, and I only
have 50 forms to distribute. Also, members of local Guilds which the National
Guild has on file should be getting some of the applications separately to

However, if you aren't in those two categories (or simply CAN'T stand
waiting!) you can send me an SASE (#10, legal size) and I'll pop one in the
mail to you.

Generalities FYI:

Deadline to GET slides in is May 1. (Ellen Finkelsen is receiving them, LN's
Obsessions.) So they should be mailed no later than the last week of April.

You can submit 3 slides, all the same piece or all different. They need to be
GOOD slides -- the juror (Kenneth Trapp of the Renwick Gallery) is a pro, and
is used to seeing pro submissions. So you may need to remember to add time for

Work must be at least 50% polymer clay (if using mixed media) and can be
one-of-a-kind or limited edition jewelry, sculpture, wall pieces, or
functional art. Several pieces of a limited edition series can be submitted as
one work, but they MUST be photographed together. NO SUBSTITUTIONS -- the
exact stuff photographed is what you are entering, not something similar or
from the same series.

Entry fee is $20, non refundable.

Slides of accepted work become the property of the National Guild for the
slide library. Slides of work not accepted will be returned (send an SASE) by
June 15.

The Arrowmont Gallery will show the exhibit from August 15 through October 4,
and will charge a 20% commission on items sold. (Apparantly they have a good
record of sales.) Accepted work is insured while on exhibit. You pay to ship
TO Arrowmont, they ship back to you.

That is a brief summary of the info in the brochure, but watch POLYinforMER
for more details.

To get the brochure (if not a National Guild member) send an SASE to:

Sherry Bailey
27-D Chadwick Circle
Nashua, NH 03062