Poem forwarded to group

Poem forwarded to group

Post by Peggy & Bo » Wed, 07 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Folks, this was sent to me by one of our own....Lois Hedrick.
I'm forwarding it here for all to see. Thanks Lois!
peg polymer


> Peg, this was fowarded to me from my Daddy (he lives in
> Texas).  After I
> sent it to my brother, and sister (the only ones on line).
> I thought
> you and some others from the NG might enjoy it.  If you can
> find a way
> to post it to the news group, please do so.  I am so
> computer illiterate
> (that's why I have webtv) that I couln't figure out how.

> Lois H

> I let my mind wander, and it didn't come back!
> I can see clearly now the brain is gone.

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> Subject: Fwd: Sunday morning
> Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 13:29:07 EST

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> Subject: Sunday morning
> Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 06:37:37 -0600

> Hi Eddie,
>         Ran across this and am sending it to every one in my
> address
> book...Hope the holidays were nice to you and that the new
> year brings
> prosperity....Still working on  winning the lottery here
> <grin>

> "Computer Prayer"

> Every night I lie in bed
> This little prayer inside my head...
> God bless my mom and daddy
> And bless my little boys and girls
> And take care of my husband
> He brings me so much joy.
> And God there's just one more thing
> I wish that You would do
> If You don't mind me asking
> To just bless my 'puter too??
> Now I know that it's not normal
> To bless a small machine
> But listen just a second and I'll try to explain.
> You see, that little metal box
> Holds more than odds and ends.
> Inside those small components
> Rest a hundred loving friends.
> Some, it's true, I've never seen
> And most I've never met;
> We've never shaken hands
> Or ever truly hugged, and yet,
> I know for sure they love me
> By the kindnesses they give.
> And this little s***of metal
> Is how I get to where they live.
> By faith is how I know them
> Much the same as I know you
> I share in what life brings them
> So if it's OK with you..
> Just take an extra minute
> >From Your duties up above
> To bless this little hunk of steel
> That's filled with so much love.

> Will talk with you later
> Regards
> John