Kay Gun for wrapped logs & mosaics, stained glass?

Kay Gun for wrapped logs & mosaics, stained glass?

Post by DABla » Sun, 11 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

 Just occurred to me that the quick and dirty way of making (thinly)
wrapped logs with the Klay Gun might work to make mosaic and stained glass

The method is to load the two colors in the Klay Gun, one behind the
other, and extrude.  Presto-chango!  Out comes a wrapped log.  (The
outside wrapping color should be inserted closest to the extruding end).

The only problem will be that it will be unevenly wrapped throughout the
length of the log, something like this:

first 1/4-1/3---no wrap
next 1/6------small center, thick wrap
last tiny bit--back to small center, thick wrap

This might vary with the proportions of two the 2 clays and their relative
softnesses.  I used equal amounts of similar-softness Sculpeys.  (Fimo
needs a smear of Vaseline mixed into it to be extruded.)

 Someone in our South Bay Polymer Clay Guild told me--sorry I can't
remember who-- that running the gun under hot water before extruding
causes it to extrude faster, and she was right!  

I spotted another quick and dirty method for wrapped logs in the AOL
Crafts Niche section for polymer clay, and it might work with the gun too.
 Make a ball of clay with the desired inner color.  Cover it with the wrap
color.  Roll out into a log and slice.  (or insert into Klay Gun and

(By then combining the wrapped logs--wrapped in black, white, grey, or
your choice, round or sqaure--the resulting cane should resemble a mosaic
or stained glass, or something new.)

I'm interested in any feedback people might have.  Thanks.  Diane B.


Kay Gun for wrapped logs & mosaics, stained glass?

Post by Sherry Bail » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I don't know, I never had much trouble making covered logs the "hard"
way... Counting prep and cleanup, not much difference in work.