Asymmetrical necklace designs

Asymmetrical necklace designs

Post by P?rr? T?rr?n » Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Dear family and friends !  

As promised, I want to talk. I want to talk about asymmetrical necklace

I come from country where necklaces usually are symmetrical. Many of you
have noticed that about my work. I have not really thought about it before,
but lately, while browsing trough my huge pile of US crafts & arts
magazines (Thank You, Jeanne !) I have noted that it is very common in the
US to have non-symmetrical necklace designs. As polyclay is so light
material it probably would be good for non- symmetrical designs, but to my
surprise most of the polyclay work I have seen has been symmetrical or at
least mostly symmetrical.  

As I really do not know anything about designing non-symmetrical jewellery,
I was wondering if there are anyone who knows more about this one or could
give some tips for designing or constructing the pieces. For instance how
does one handle the weight problem with those designs ? Putting stones
inside the "lighter" sides beads or what ? Or are those asymmetrical
necklaces meant to be warn at all...  

Blob... ((:))...


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Asymmetrical necklace designs

Post by Sjpolycl » Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Dear Porro,
I used to make a lot of "mobiles" and learned a lot about weight and counter-
balance. I haven't found that my asymetrical neclaces hang too differently than
the others, as the weight difference is not that large--clay being as light as
it is. I DO use other things in the necklaces; glass, metal and other kinds of
beads as I do like multi-media, and these seem to balance the weight nicely.
Mostly, I hold things up as I string, to make sure they hang well, and I use a
3 ply nylon twist cord to string--very sturdy but light weight.

Judith Skinner makes some VERY asymetrical pieces, and they hang quite nicely.
For some, she uses memory wire. It has a lovely curvature, and some do not even
clasp but merely drape and curl around the neck!

I think what you use to string it on makes a lot of difference in the hang of
the piece.

Sarajane Helm

ps how are you and the Little One doing?
They make the holidays sweet, eh?