Amazon Auctions-New Artist Category

Amazon Auctions-New Artist Category

Post by Seche » Thu, 16 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi! Folks,

Good news from Amazon auctions.

Many thanks to those of you that took a few minutes to write to the major
online auctions requesting specific categories for artisans.  Thanks to your
efforts we now have those categories on auctions & Golds
Auction's.  Now we have to do is to support the decision with product
listings.  Go for it!

A special thanks to Robert who stayed with this from beginning to end.  See
posts below.

This demonstrates that artisans banding together can make major changes in
our economic life.

The artisans bulletin board is still open & active,  drop by and say hello.

Talk to you later, Howard
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Just got this from Alison Kurke at auctions. These people
havebeen very responsive to our requests. Lets show them we mean business
and list a bunch of stuff.
Robert Houghtaling
The Figgy Mountain Frogery

Robert Houghtaling Sculpture and Design


Just FYI: category : Artists selling their own work is newly live under Art&


Category number for the bulk loader is: 226834

Please feel free to spread the word wherever you feel folks would benefit!

Of course, until it has filled with objects obviously being sold by their
makers, you will find other things there too. I am hopeful the content will
refine over time. ;-)

Best regards,

Alison Kurke

Hi Alison,
Thank you for answering so promptly. Here are some of my thought on
categories for artists and crafts people. One possibility would be a
main category just titled "Made and sold by the artist" Those opting to
list in this category would have to agree to a statement that they do in
fact make the things they list and that these are their original
designs. This should not exclude those who use assistants or apprentices
in their studio or those who must use vendors for a part of their
production. I'm thinking here of artists who make greeting cards or
posters and use a print shop or sculptors who must use a foundry to cast
their bronzes, etc. There could of course be sub categories for
sculpture, pottery, jewelry, glass, etc, etc. Also this type of "made
and sold by the artist" category could be a sub category under
Collectibles or Gifts or Crafts or other related things. I know under
collectibles all I can find are the major names like Disney and Hamilton
and there kind. No place for a person who designs and makes collectible
items. If you are really interested in persuing this you might go online
and talk to the people on the Arts-n-CraftsBiz mail list on,
these are all professionals who make their living with their art and
freely share and discuss things like this. I am sure they would welcome
your interest in their business.
Thank you very much,

Robert Houghtaling
The Figgy Mountain Frogery

Robert Houghtaling Sculpture and Design

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