needlepoint patterns

needlepoint patterns

Post by Deb Jens » Tue, 18 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Well, after the discussion on using needlepoint patterns to do canes,
and finding a nice hula dancer design here, i decided to give it a shot.

The squares on my pattern were very small, so i enlarged them to about
2.5 mm (#2 on pasta machine).  I then rolled clay through the machine, and
as i used it cut it into strips 2.5 mm square and 1" long.  THen i just
laid the clay over the pattern, like a 3-D paint-by-number.

Unfortunately, like paint-by-number, this was VERY VERY BORING!  Tedious
work, but i figured, if it works, maybe it's worth it.

My end result was about 10" long and 8" wide - a VERY large cane.  I had
trouble reducing it and keeping it all in proportion -  my canes usually max
out at about 8".  The end result wasn't worth it; however, i think if one
kept it a bit smaller it could work well.  

I would also note that in the cane the design was blocky, since i'd used
square elements for the design.  You might have better luck using round

I'll stick to the old method i think!



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