AUction Site for Bead & Fiber

AUction Site for Bead & Fiber

Post by Wheat Car » Tue, 06 Apr 1999 04:00:00

For a variety of reasons (they are given on the intro page)

Henry has set up an auction section to our domain. Now a new reason has
been added, we are starting to pack to move again possibly sometime
mid-summer. Of course that could fall thru yet again, but I will have to
start packing anyway.

So that means I will be doing two things- first, I will be "de-stashing"
gradually over the next few months, and with the prospect of a LOT less
space, will be re-evaluating what things I will "stock".

Bottom Line, I will be placing a number of Bead & Fiber related items up
for auction - some from my personal collection and some from the "aching
back" collection which means I do not want to have to carry them around

There is a beginning FAQ available by auto-responder -
just e

You do not have to register to "just" browse, but will need to do so
if you wish to buy/sell -

Hope you enjoy the site and good luck in the auctions.




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