unneeded adding machine tape

unneeded adding machine tape

Post by klk Beadwork » Sun, 30 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Awhile back I asked about what could be done with unused
adding machine tape.  Most suggestions had to do with
donating them, but when I contacted agencies, I was told
that the cost of recording the donation would be more than
the cost of buying the same amount of tape.  Makes
sense...it's a very strict law that governs recording of
donations, so that's probably why Goodwill and other
charities no longer have those unmanned dropoff kiosks in
any great number.

At any rate, I accidentally discovered a great use for
them.  Set sideways, they are perfect for skewers  (the
sprocket holes are just the right size), and if you need the
skewers lengthwise in the oven, just set two tape rolls
upright and use them for skewer holders: |------|.   I love
them for  holding skewers of beads I've just finished and
Futured while they dry.   I use a piece of aluminum as a
tray, and can make a veritable forest of beads in my oven
just baking away, supported by these tape rolls.   The
plastic does not melt, and if/when the paper does get to the
point where it is looking scorchy (paper ignites at around
450 degrees, but "cooks" eventually at lower temps), waste
clay would make an ok base, too (or plaster, etc.).   I just
*knew* they would be good for something besides taking up a
LOT of room!

(Now that I think about it, they'd probably be useful for
shish kebobs, too... <g>)