Auction websites

Auction websites

Post by Jeann » Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:00:00

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> Thanks! I started four months ago, and believe me for the first couple
> of weeks things were U-G-L-Y (and I gave them to my nieces)!

Aren't nieces great!  When I started claying, I was just so fascinated by
the colors that I made beads, beads and more beads. (Thanks Porro for all of
your constructive criticism and color help!)  Jewelry is not my thing
so I sent a lot of them to my niece.  She loved them and I might add, she
still has them and always ask for more.  So beauty is for sure in the eye of
the beholder.   Finally, I bought
huge round fish bowls and whenever I had a little clay or cane left, I made
beads and just filled it up.  It is amazing how much joy this bowl of not so
wonderful and some beautiful colored beads have given me just looking at it
to see how I have progressed and watching kids go through it to pick out a
special bead.  I have a fish bowl with swap items as well.  It is inspiring
to look at what others have made.


> On a more practical note, do you have a feel for whether Ebay or Yahoo
> is better for polyclay (in general) sales?  I've seen lots on both, but
> have a hard time figuring out where it sells better....

I sell a lot on Ebay, but not much polymer clay as of yet.
I haven't tried Yahoo or the other auction websites.  I received spam today which claims to be completely free.  No listing fees or
commissions.  Has anyone used this site?