"R" -- Karen Lewis, aka "Klew"

"R" -- Karen Lewis, aka "Klew"

Post by Sherry Bail » Fri, 20 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Karen Lewis taught a petroglyph canes workshop, but I was so absorbed in
working with my partner (Hi, Deb!) to get the cane done in time, that I didn't
take any notes!

Basically, though, she had us mix together a bunch of neutral clay (brown, art
translucent, ochre, white) to make a backgorund matrix. (The colors could be
food processored, but not "mixed".) This was used as the background in cane
assembly and around the petroglyph after assembly.

The petroglyphs were Anasasai (sp) Indian designs, and Klew gave us exact size
images to work from. We made the designs in black on the matrix background,
and had to work out the cane construction for ourselves, with a few tips and
hints from Karen. (One tip I hadn't heard before is to clean your tissue blade
at the end of each work session with *** -- Wet Ones wipes, for instance
-- to keep corrosion and dulling to a minimum. Quite logical but I never did

We made Pilot marker on acetate tracings of the designs, put these face down
(pen to clay) on the slab of matrix to become the background, and once the
cane design was assembled, cut puzzle pieces of background out to piece around
the finsihed cane design more easily than packing a bit at a time. (The ink
transferred making it easy to cut away the chunks needed without overlapping
into the design area.